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  1. Two brothers, Cyrus and Teddy sat their KCPE in 2010 and 2011 respectively. They were admitted to Agoro Sare High School in Oyugis. Both lost the chances for lack of fees. They ended up in local day school where again they cant proceed for lack of school fees and other vital supplies. Can you save them?

    Thanks and kind regards.

  2. Gumisiriza sande says:

    J request for your help am failing to continue with education having reached the level doing a diplomam in architecture and have only 1 year and failed due to lack of money.thank you.j may be contacted on 0788129763

    • Harold Pliszka says:

      We hope you found a means to pay for your education this year. Please check our website in September 2014 for application forms for the 2015 school year.

  3. Gumisiriza sande says:

    Thank you for your reply,These are full details
    Gumisiriza sande
    I am Gumisiriza Sande (David) a male aged 23 born Monday 25th/February/1991 from Bumbaire Village bushenyi district in western Uganda. My parents are Mr. Sande David (late) and Mrs. Sylvia Sande.I was born in this village above with four other siblings (one sister and three other brothers) whom am the third born of this family. . I grew up in a less fortunate but loving and God fearing family and I am where I am now because of God’s love and grace. My story is no different from the stories of any other young boys and girls who’ve grown up in extreme poverty and illnesses in a typical rural setting. The only good thing about me is that I’ve kept positive no matter what I’ve gone through in life.
    My father served in Ugandan army in 1980`s from where he got my mother and deserted from army in 1986.he came back to Bumbaire Village but unfortunately he had no parents, land and other resources. He was just adopted by his father’s sister after her mother was dead (five years) and my grandfather left him young. So my father grew up not knowing his real parents but had that guardian helper as his parents. Fortunately my father was given just a little land by that guardian where he put up a small house and we lived there even up to now and he survived by working for them as a gardener before leaving to the army.
    In 1998, as a young child I started schooling at a nearby primary school (Bumbaire Primary School) where I finished my primary level. In due course when I was still in primary four in 2001 my father died because of AIDS but our mother prayed to God to help us and to make us continue with our education. Our mother liked education though she failed to study due to 1979 Ugandan liberation war in Uganda. So she tried her level best and seek for assistance from the from everywhere, the church fortunately heard our mother’s cry. Our reverend from our nearby church (Bumbaire Church of Uganda) really cared for us and took me with my mother to our diocese (West Ankole Diocese).Our mother talked with the Bishop and they also asked me some questions from where I finally succeeded and the diocese started helping me by providing for me all the necessities of a student like school fees, books, shoes, bags and others. From primary four they helped me until I finished primary seven. From that primary school, I had performed very well in my village school and the entire county. I had aggregate 11 in 4 subjects. None had ever scored this at my Primary school. Time to join Secondary School reached and school fees were nowhere to be seen. I couldn’t blame my unprivileged parent because I also understood the situation which was around us. Secondary school was very expensive. Only moderately rich parents could afford sending their kids to school after primary level. But I had a dream. I wanted to be the first in my family to join secondary school though I knew there was no money for this. But there was this saying that If you believe, You can achieve. I let it stick in my minds. I believed I was going to join secondary school. So I was told about some Anglican school in a distance that offered sponsorship schemes to orphaned and bright students. Later alone as people appreciated my performance and the diocese also appreciated my performance, Our Bishop Rt Rev William Magambo helped and escorted me with my mother to a school called bishop McAllister College Kyogyera.It is one of the leading church founded school in western Uganda. It was founded by Rt Rev McAllister from Canada, we talked with the rector of Bishop McAllister College (Rev Can Paul Jeffries) and later alone I was granted to study from there.
    At my stay at bishop McAllister I really behaved well as someone who had come from far and could not forget my home. I participated in all the school activities, chapel ministry and sports activities. I was also the leader of the school brass band. During holidays j could remain at school with other few friends working (cleaning the school, digging) and others until the time I finished my O` level in 2008.Due to my good discipline the rector called me and said that I had been granted another bursary to finish my A level (senior six).I really thank God I also finished it very well offering Physics, mathematics and Economics with computer studies. That was in 2010
    .. I’d stay behind at school and work in the school garden for my school fees. Remember I had reported late for the term when others had already reported. So it was very difficult to catch up with the rest of the class and then beat them at the end of the school term. Thank God, I worked so hard and I was the best student in class. Rev. Canon Paul Jeffries, the school Principal was very happy for me. I stayed at school digging in the hot sun with other few students when the rest broke off for their termly holidays. I did this for the solid four years in Ordinary Level and the other two years of my Advanced Level Education. It’s this school that introduced me to Computer Studies.

    The days I could spend in the hot sun digging and doing all the manual labour on school construction sites are still fresh in my memories.
    At a long time during my vacation of senior six which was about one year, I started working on how I would join the university. I tried my level best and worked to continue with my education. I tried and applied in different universities and colleges, and in July 2011,I was given a phone call that I had been had been admitted at Uganda technical College-Kyema in masindi to pursue a national diploma in Architecture. I was very happy and my family was also very glad for that great opportunity, my family ,neighbors and I contributed all that they had that j should go and study thank God I went there though I went when I was too late, but I reached and performed well.
    It was at the end of my first year in November 2012 when things turned back for me when I failed to raise the required tuition and I was chassed back from the college. At that time I felt that was the end of my life because I saw education as a big treasure from God and j still love it and I the name God I still trust I will continue because he has really brought me from very far.
    So even up to now am still looking for the way to continue with my education and I hope I will succeed.I don’t feel like missing any chance of any opportunity that I fell it may help me. Currently I am now working in a small school in western Uganda as a computer laboratory attendant to earn a leaving.
    My wish is to continue with my education, study and finish such that I may raise my family up, help all that helped me, support the people and the schools that helped me and finally to develop and do something developmental to my nation. (My older brother and sister stopped schooling with the death of our father, and my younger brother he is supported by just a Good Samaritan and the youngest brother also being supported by Bishop McAllister College Kyogyera currently).So my wish is that if can succeed and I also support my family and caring other. I have plans of, one day, returning and giving back to my former school, Bishop McAllister College-Kyogyera, because it is the one that prepared me for all this! It installed the discipline, patience, fear of God, hard work and determination in me. I will forever be grateful to Kyogyera and to Rev.Canon Paul Jeffries for he prepared me to be the man I am despite all the hurdles I have met. I thank God too for the beautiful and kind people he has surrounded me with. Without them, I wouldn’t have the strength to survive. And a message, to my fellow young men and women who have struggled like me: Work hard, strive for excellence, be patient and positive about life, stay in school, don’t do drugs. And most important of FEAR GOD because the bible says that the fear of God is the beginning of all wisdom.
    I still believe in God and hope to succeed, as the scripture says that those who trust in the lord are like Mt Zion that will never be shaken.
    Thank you very much for sharing my life struggle, may God bless you so much in all.
    Your assistance is highly appreciated. Thank you
    Yours faithfully,
    Gumisiriza sande
    Attached is a copy of a document that was used to send me out of the college due to failure to raise tuition.

  4. Gumisiriza sande says:

    good after nopn to you,i am requesting you kindly to remo
    ve all my posts on this page,thanls

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